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SAMA is in the process of fully registering our collection online with Axiell. In the meantime you can explore our extensive and colourful collection on Google Arts and Culture

In order to accomplish the desired results of legitimising the SAMA collection and dispersing it across multiple platforms for people to enjoy and study. SAMA has a curatorial team with a healthy balance of experienced and young professionals, to bring expertise and differing perspectives in areas such as art history, museology, architecture, urban history, and education. ​

Our Archives Team:

Leonie Wingen:
Collection Manager
Roberto Alvau:

At SAMA, Roberto is in charge of the digital cataloging of artworks that are part of the institution's collection in the Axiell platform. In addition, he contributes to the blog, writing articles about the impact of urban art in today's society.

Roberto is currently studying Art History at the University of Valencia. His studies focus on contemporary art dynamics and new forms of public and participatory art with attention to museology, archives and cataloging of works of art.


He has gained experience in museology and cultural management, from having worked as an archive assistant for the film documentation center of La Filmoteca de Valencia; an organisation dedicated to the preservation and distribution of Spanish audiovisual heritage. In the last year, Roberto has aided in the formation of the cultural management collective, Orbis Vacui, which is dedicated to the promotion of emerging contemporary art in Valencia.

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