A partnership with Amsterdam’s Reinwardt Academy has allowed us to begin the process of fully registering our collection online with Axiell.

In the meantime you can explore our extensive and colourful collection collection of our work on Google Art and Culture Institute

In order to accomplish the expected results, the SAMA curatorial team of young professionals will bring expertise in areas such as art history, museology, architecture, urban history and education. 


  • Derry Razen 

Derry Razen (USA) holds a Master of Arts from the University of Oregon with a research focus in medieval East Asian art. Mrs. Razen’s academic career has imparted her with the theory, skills and methodologies required for work in both professional research and curatorial capacities – expertise she has further developed during her work as a restoration artist and freelance art historian, and which she will apply to her practice as an art historian at SAMA. Mrs. Razen developed her professional practice in restoration, research, and cataloguing through her role as a restoration artist at Poster Mountain Collection Services in Los Angeles, where she worked with original works produced by artists including Peter Paul Rubens, Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, Banksy, and Shepard Fairey. Additionally, she launched and wrote an online publication for Poster Mountain in which she explained the cultural value, historical context and significance of major projects that the company restored, while also outlining the processes undertaken to restore them clearly and concisely for non-academic audiences. From this background comes her fundamental understanding that street art’s meaning and legitimacy are also situationally generated, and so must also be kept on the street or risk losing the democratic, accessible, and insurrectionary characteristics that define it as a contemporary art movement. Mrs. Razen’s background uniquely situates her at an intersection between an ideological understanding of urban art, an eagerness to learn from grassroots cultural movements, institutional art history, and professional cultural sector experience to complete this project in a professional and ethically sound manner.


  • Vitoria Zanquetta 

Vitória Zanquetta (BRA) is an architect and urbanist specializing in practical museology. She is currently in the process of getting her MA from Reinwardt Academie. With a strong interest in the urban and social dynamics with focus on cultural production, heritage and urban interventions, she developed, as the final product of her bachelor, a project that used tactical urbanism as a tool to question the space production and the heritage policies of the city of Belo Horizonte. Ms. Zanquetta also has work experience on exhibition design, assisting in the development of five exhibitions at Espaço do Conhecimento. As part of her master in museology, Ms. Zanquetta was the lead staff member on the development of SAMA’s Collection Policy Plan, a task which has contributed significantly to SAMA’s collection research plan and catalogue creation by forming the foundation and blueprint for its execution. Ms. Zanquetta has directed SAMA toward a higher degree of professionalization and introduced best museological practice to the museum thanks to her training and Reinwardt Academie. She has committed to extending her partnership with SAMA beyond completion of the collections policy plan for the opportunities SAMA will offer her to continue developing her practice by pioneering the museum’s policies, collections and direction.  In this unique setting, Vitoria will gain high-level experience and be provided with an open-source research lab in pursuit of postgraduate studies. Utilizing her architectural and museological background, Ms. Zanquetta will be responsible for inventorying the main and supporting collection, advising on risk assessment issues, contributing to data entry and liaising with SAMA’s consultants.

  • Paige Foley 

Paige Foley (CAN) is a cultural heritage professional and a graduate of the University of Amsterdam’s Heritage & Memory Studies Masters program. Her primary research focus within the cultural heritage field is the role of heritage spaces in the reconciliation of disparate social and ethnic groups. These spaces include both museums and urban heritage sites; in this way, Ms. Foley’s research interests are a strong match for SAMA’s plans for the future. Ms. Foley has contributed her varied expertise in the history and heritage fields to both the public and private sectors, within the Netherlands - where she conducted long-term research for the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands; and in her home country of Canada - where she contributed to two large-scale genealogical projects for prominent Indigenous organizations. SAMA offers Ms. Foley the opportunity to further expand upon her skills, to obtain practical museum experience in a uniquely international and interdisciplinary environment while also contributing to the country where she earned her degree. Ms. Foley will utilize her background to research the collection, interview artists and Nieuw-West residents, provide support with data  entry, writing and categorization of the collection, liaise with consultants and provide expertise for cataloging intangible heritage.


  • Jesse Scott 

Jesse Scott (CAN) is an educator and historian applying his multidisciplinary background to museum education, collection policy, and curatorship.  Coming from a background in postcolonial studies, migration history and development studies, Mr. Scott has an acute understanding of the issues of gentrification and displacement of precarious urban populations in which SAMA is immersed, and of the grassroots resistance ideologies behind street art.  He will bring his experience in oral history and archival research to contribute to the development of an accessible museum catalogue and history. Working with SAMA provides Mr. Scott the opportunity to explore his own heritage as a Canadian of Dutch descent and obtain high-level museological experience to support his transition into the museum field, while applying his expertise in creating accessible histories to writing the heritage of Nieuw-West. Mr. Scott will interview artists and community stakeholders, contribute research into SAMA’s collection and the history of the museum and neighborhood for use in public education resources, and assist with data entry. 

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