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Mural Painting



Street Art Museum Amsterdam



Artist Bio:

Also known as "El Pez"

A true innovator and self-taught artist, Pez is recognised as one of the first to twist the text of his tag “PEZ” into the ubiquitous smiling blue fish now smiling from the train tracks and derelict corners of Spain, to art fairs and high-profile commissioned walls around the world. In his ‘former life’ Pez worked as a software developer. Although this offered him a dynamic outlet for creativity, Pez found office life staid and stifling in comparison to the endlessly more creative, adventurous, and adrenaline-blasted world of graffiti, in which he was dabbling at the time. Since finding his home on the streets, Pez has spent the last twenty years painting around the world with friends, adapting and reinventing his fish in constantly evolving ways that may call to mind Keith Haring, American Pop, or the “all-overness” of the action painters. Always seeking new possibilities for innovation, new collaborations and fresh ideas, Pez’s smiling fish can be seen popping up on badges, bags, toys, belts, t-shirts and now digitally in extended realities, from imaginary to augmented. He has been included in numerous documentaries including Bomb It-The Movie, Muros Libres/ Free Walls, A Primer on Urban Painting, and most famously, Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop. Pez is widely published in graffiti and street art magazines and books including Street Logos, Ultimate Street Art, The Art of Rebellion, Carnet de Rue, by French artist J.R., Graffiti and Street Art, and NYC BCN: Street Art Revolution. Pez has also collaborated with numerous high-profile brands including Adidas, Toyota, Reebok, Ecko Unltd and Dictador.


Gebrandy Park




Spray Can








Very bad / Almost illegible

Physical Description:

This mural is characterised by a vivid taste for horror vacui and represents an enormous canvas populated by the artist's classic fish, formed by accentuated, cardboard and coloured shapes. Pluricromatism, cartoon style, irreverence and "happiness" are the main characteristics of this work, which forms part of the idea of urban art as a revitalising and aesthetic element for urban aesthetics.


The iconographic universe of El Pez is full of animal figures rich in different colours, shapes and meanings. The fish as an iconographic element is undoubtedly the most recurrent symbol of the Catalan artist's poetics and figuratively recalls his name. El Pez's fish are not only animals but also anthropomorphic figures, capable of performing human actions, such as riding a bike, chatting, dancing, etc.


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