With some 300 art pieces in a growing collection, SAMA frequently introduces internationally acclaimed artists to the streets of Amsterdam Nieuw-West. From a colossal 150 square meter Stinkfish mural to a 10cm woodblock by BunnyBrigade, all art is site-specific with a story to tell. Find out why our tours and activities are some of the top things to do in Amsterdam!

SAMA is constantly looking for out-of-the-box strategies to document and preserve the history of our collection. During the last three years, the museum has invested time and research on developing a Virtual and Augmented Reality documentation plan to preserve our art pieces and its stories for eternity, being the first museum to use this technology as the main tool for preservation. But as a small nonprofit organization, the museum is struggling with making this major turn towards the digital documentation of our art pieces due to a lack of resources to purchase the necessary equipment to conduct the project. But you can help us to create the first VR street art Collection Archive!


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Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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