GUARDIAN, help to grow the value of our collection


Help to grow the value of our collection

Help preserve SAMA collection in the bustling streets of Amsterdam Nieuw-West and the spirit of street art. Our eco-museum operates outside, leaving the beautiful works of art susceptible to all kinds of hardships. Whether it’s Dutch weather patterns or vandalism (ironic!), our street art requires continuous upkeep.


Although SAMA’s collection was not originally built to stand the test of time, and new growth in the area means our walls are strong survivors in a new era in the city’s future. Help us maintain the impact of our collection by giving the gift of tender, loving care to our art and see the benefits for not just the collection, but also to the neighbourhood and its residents.


Our collection is preserved in four ways:

  • Cleaning: Keep our art bright and cared for

  • Digital archiving: Document the collection for generations to come

  • Physical repairs: Restore damages from everyday wear and tear

  • VR/AR technology: Utilize new media to see our art like never before


As a Guardian, you are also part of the intangible heritage our museum participates in, and part of the stories of the people who love this place as much as we do.


  • 100€ could contribute to an annual cleaning of all electricity boxes in SAMA collection

  • 500€ could support the production of 1 AR demo of the artworks that do not exist anymore

  • 1,000€ could support the production of a VR Memory Capsule

  • 3,000€ could fund the production of a medium-size artwork of the artist of your choice

  • 5,000€ could ensure 1 part-time member of staff working on collection management