Learn Street Art Skills like a Pro:

  • We shall teach you spray painting, stencil making, drawing, calligraffiti and graffiti techniques!

  • We shall share with you the hidden art secrets on the street near you!

  • You will paint a canvas and a wall!

  • You will get a certificate of Young Street Artist and a Gift Bag during the graduation ceremony! 

We have 2 groups:  1 under 12 and 1 above 12 years old

Deadline for registrations is by 06/07/2020 for Group 1 and 08/07 for Group 2









Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 16.48.40.png

All workshops begin in the afternoon starting 16:00 until 18:00 (±2 hours)

All materials will be provided on location, including safety suit, mask and gloves

All workshops are GRATIS

At the end of the the program, which is comprised of 8 activities, the participant will receive a Graduation Package consisting of:

  1. Certificate of Young Street Artist

  2. Cool Gift

  3. Stickers Pack