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Street Art piece



Street Art Museum Amsterdam



Artist Bio:

Zas started tagging her name on the Bogota streets in 2004. She doesn’t want her style to have a sexual identity.
“Hide your face, get a name yourself, create an identity into another one and use it when it’s convenient. Take advantage of it and have fun doing it. That’s the most important part.”
Especially in Columbia there is a conviction that the women should have place only at home. Zas always working in a team enhances the importance of collaboration with artists who have similar ideas about the art. She is also Included to APC (Animal Power Crew) artists of Columbia. The works with Zas' signature combine the styles and patterns of different artists but their main characteristic is that all of these murals are not distinguished by the personal mark of any of them. They succeeded in creating a single image that depicts the unique whole. Always working in a team, Zas emphasizes the importance of collaboration when the artists with similar ideas can create great pieces of art.
In her book The Gruff Writing: A Romantic Anthology she explains her vision about street art and graffiti world:
“When we talk about graffiti we are talking about a specific practice. Its place is the wall, the public space and the private properties of the cities. Graffiti is a creative practice that is born from an urge of the being, and at its beginning is independent from any economical reasons. Regardless of the many reasons that can lead a person to do graffiti, we find a suppressed discontent, the need for something more, inexplicable, related to the inability to fully grasp the spaces we inhabit, and that has to do with a search for freedom; a search that our cities seem to deny to us.”
“In this big soup called Graffiti the substance is made by those who keep the streets in movement, walking all over, hanging out in the street, even if only with a crayon in their pockets. Those who know that to evolve is to keep painting without losing their identity, not the one that is being imposed on them, not the Friday night identity, or the “urban artist” identity; but their own identity, the one each one has built by tagging all around. There is nothing more valuable and talkative than the streets full of tags; that is where it all begins and that's where all is going to end, if it ends someday.”


Gebrandy Park



Spray Can








Gone / Illegible

Physical Description:

Abstract geometric lettering by Zas in vivid colours, closely reminiscent of his old-school style.


Old school graffiti tag


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