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I Protect Tigers

"The Lion" spraypaints "The Tiger" on World Tiger Day

The 22-year-old Amsterdam street artist Judith de Leeuw, alias JDL Street Art, WNF and Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) worked together to raise awareness for the threatened tigers in the wild. During the World Tiger Day, on July 29th on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam, JDL Street Art will paint a tiger using photo realistic spray paint technique on a canvas that symbolically represents the anticipated growth - x2. The young street artist already became famous for her black and white mural of Amy Winehouse in Amsterdam.

JDL Street Art for Street Art Museum Amsterdam iProtectTigers

As a child, Judith was a ranger in WNF and now she wants to use her creativity to protect tigers in the wild.

The Tiger Queen

The concept for the artwork was inspired by a National Geographic Wild documentary about India's most famous tiger struggle: Tiger Queen.

JDL Street Art is a little distinguished with one of the young daughters of tiger Machli, Satra: "When she's grown up, the young tiger is thrown out of the family and is forced to look for her own territory Everything is a huge struggle, even searching for water. But every setback also makes her stronger and that is what, I think, is so beautiful about this movie." The artist chose to work with green colours to symbolize the tiger's battle: "Green is also a color of passage. Her Journey."

For the global tiger campaign by WNF, artists are asking for tigers in the wild. Time passes because a century ago there were still 100,000 tigers, by 2017 they are only 3900. They are the target of poachers and their habitat is being destroyed. But there is hope: thanks to a worldwide rescue plan to double the number of tigers, the number of tigers increases considerably.

Go to to see what the plan means.

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