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Hello Aime!

I was born and raised in Burundi and I did all my studies in Burundi. I am a graduate in business economics.I am in Amsterdam as an asylum seeker.Burundi is a country located in Central Africa - east of 27.834 km2 which 2.180 water and 12 million inhabitants which has as capital Bujumbura. Burundi is surrounded by 3 countries: Tanzania in the east, Rwanda in the north and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. It is a country composed of hills, mountains and some plains to the east.

When I was in Burundi, I enjoyed taking walks in the countryside and attending sports during my free time, here in Amsterdam I do sports, I read books and I listen to music during my free time.The most fascinating thing in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is that is a multicaltural and very calm district.

Before meeting Street Art Museum Amsterdam, I had no idea about the art of the street but the little time that I had with resident artists at SAMA, I learned some notions of the street art.The most interesting aspect of SAMA is its mission to create, explore, document and preserve the growing democratic movement of street art.

I prefer the artist Stinkfish because his technique is free style and my favorite artwork of the SAMA collection is "Smile" from Stinkfish. Because it is impressive how he can control the spray cans and making all these straight lines.

I am working as a volunteer at SAMA and I am very happy with SAMA because I feel like home.My task at SAMA is to give tours in French. The most interesting aspect of SAMA is the open dialogue with the people of Nieuw West. Before SAMA, Nieuw West was an unknown neighborhood by tourists but because of the existance of SAMA the neiborhood become a tourist area.

During my time at SAMA, I have the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures from all over the world and I like as a tour guide to introduce the visitors of SAMA to what is really street art.My studies are not related directly with SAMA but SAMA can benefit from me because I speak excellect French so I can give tours in French.

The most impressive moment at SAMA was the meeting, which took place on 28 September 2018 at the gallery. There were many people from different fields and all of them discussed about the future plan of SAMA. It was such a good moment for me to meet them and at the same time I had the opportunity to understand how SAMA works in collaboration with the residents and other people who have an administrative role at SAMA.

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