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Street Art Publishing

Publish or Perish is the first rule of academia. Our eco-museum of street art is very proud to have achieved consistent production of quality research material. This year we have co-written 2 academic papers, prepared a workshop for 2019 on Street Art & Ethics with assistance from Sotheby's and Reinwardt, and have contributed to research papers, varying from high-school to Master thesis'.

The first conference attended was organised by ICOM (International Council of Museums) in British Railway Museum, York, UK. The theme was "Museums in Context and Partnership" and SAMA's abstract was selected for a presentation. The final paper written by myself and edited by Victoria Gonzalez of UvA was titled "Street Art as a Tool to Urban Dialogue".

The second paper written this year was by Vitoria Ramirez of Reinwardt Academy "Drama of Decision Making in the Heritage Field Ethically Addressing Street Art in Museums - Amsterdam as a Case Study."

Our management team had also contributed to the following research papers:

  1. Tobias Verhagen, HKA, The Value of Alternative Museums

  2. Yanhong Chen, Manchester University

  3. Madison van Gelder , 6 VWO Scholengemeenschap Lelystad

  4. Pakamas Pratumchan, Radboud University

  5. Zekirias Konstantinos, Department of Library Science and Information Systems of TEI of Athens. In the framework of a thesis entitled "Alternative exhibitions in museums - The example of the graffiti exhibitions"

  6. Antoine Cachera, Amsterdam University College, Liberal Arts and Science, Humanities student, media track - research paper on Street Art and Museums

  7. Kristina Deković, University of Rotterdam's Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication with a focus on cultural economics, for my Master Thesis (Master Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship, Erasmus University in Rotterdam) I am currently researching the museums' decisions to participate in the Google Art Project.

  8. Mathijs Teunissen, Academy of Theatre and Dance school project on street art and art in the public space. I saw Walking Boy on Gemeente website and decided to follow him and see what I find on a way.

  9. Alessandra Sciurello, dissertation that will deal with informal museums and in particular, my main case study is a place in Sicily called Farm Cultural Park, which from 2010 started to redevelop a remote and unknown place through art (and street-art).

  10. Elisa Huberty, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, we met in Amsterdam when you gave us a tour of your museum's murals. I am writing to you because I am currently writing a dissertation as part of my Masters Degree in Art Business on the Contemporary Urban Art market

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