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Corderius College & street art experience

On Monday, 18th February, Street Art Museum Amsterdam inaugurated a new cultural center Lola Louter with their first street art experience - 50 students from Amersfoort and their teachers came to Slotermeer, Amsterdam Nieuw West.

The Lola Louter opened their doors on a Friday before our adventure and was very generous to welcome our museum and 50 pupils for a Calligraphy and Stencil Workshop. The students come for the Corderious Collage, a college which vision is that every person is unique and valuable and has a mission to fulfil in the world. The school traveled from Amersfoort to Amsterdam in order to join our Programme. Their mission was to get inspired and learn from SAMA, so that later this year they can create their own street art route in Amsersfoort. On top of our 2 activities, the students had to take photos to inspire them to make an artwork back in their home town but bringing something back from Amsterdam.

The educational programme was separated between the theoretical and practical parts. The first one was a tour in a specific artworks of museum’s collection guided by a master in musicology, Vitoria, who described the content and the meaning of the murals. The theoretical part in an exhibition is very important especially for a school in order to gain the basic information for the preparation to practical part of the workshop.

So, after the walk through museum’s collection the students come to the culture center to come in on the workshop!

In this workshop the teams of the children learned two different and unique street art techniques. In the first half hour they learned the calligraphy art (from Greek calligraphy) is a visual art related to writing, technique from a famous Holland artist Daan Wille, known as #TeamBlazin in the urban art scene. He taught children this specific kind of modern font, how they can write their names and how they should use the calligraphy tools.

calligraphy, Workshop by T.B.

In the other half of the workshop "we", use plural, as i calculate and myself into it, transformed into astronauts wore white suits in order to play with spay cants like a real street artists. It was an amazing experience and kinds enjoyed a lot! They brought with them old t-shirts and ‘reborn’ them via stencils and colors!

For sure it was a tremendous experience for all, we are glad to share our passion and kno​​wledge about street art with young audience and give them ground to cultivate and develop who they are.

And as one kid said during the tour was: “Can we have some time to hang at the playground, we never do wild things like this?” Bless!

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