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Amsterdam leading museums vs SAMA

Usually when you take a ticket to visit a museum, you think you are going to a large closed building. Actually I've done a few like this, very impressive, a neat decoration, huge building with a receptionist, you take your ticket and you go explore the artworks in your way. Amsterdam has a close relationship with art, you can be amazed but by digging a little bit more, you can have some very nice surprises. By doing my internship here in street art museum Amsterdam, I discovered a new way, more cool, to appreciate art, street art. Street art museum amsterdam makes the difference by its originality. How does it stand out? so all the collection is outside in the neighborhood of which it is an integral part, it was all completely new to me. When you visit the museum, you're guaranteed not just to come and see simple artworks and go home, you live a real social and human experience. That gives me a new vision of consumption. Before I came here I didn't imagine that can be possible. The museum really does respect the neighborhood, it respects the neighborhood's codes of ethics. They sensitize children from an early age by organizing workshops with them. They do several workshops with the adults in the neighborhood in order to share a cultural moment with them.

I appreciate the fact that the museum is not located in the city center so it gives people/tourists the possibility to discover another aspect of one of the Amsterdam suburbs and It gives it more strength of character. Especially since Nieuw-West is a diverse neighborhood with countless green spaces, in the fall we were treated to beautiful landscapes with falling leaves. The neighborhood is interesting for reasons such as the history of immigration which has given businesses from all walks of life, Moroccan, Turkish, Surinamese, Asian, etc.. By visiting the museum, one also has access to this kind of discovery.

I will never forget this day when I had the chance to go around the museum I was pleasantly surprised. I was lucky to have Aimable as my guide, he immediately put us comfortable, he is very sociable, he is endowed with an indisputable kindness, he is someone who is passionate about his work and who masters his field. He introduced every artwork in a captivating, simple and effective way and we were not bored. I really enjoyed the tour because I discovered several artists from different countries, before that I didn't know and I didn't have this type of view about street art. It was a good surprise to see how espectacular and powerful street art can be.

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