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Collaboration with WEST BEACH (FILM) FESTIVAL

West Beach (Film) Festival is a festival which takes place every year, in September, for ten days. This year there will be its 20th anniversary and, as all the previous editions, it will take place next to the Sloterstrand, Noordzije 41, near the De Duikelaar marina.

It involves the neighbourhood through many different activities, from movies to games, and it is organized by Outdoor Cinema. The entire festival is free, but everyone can give a small contribution.

West Beach Lab, which is responsible for an important part of the festival's organization and programming, is a passionate neighborhood council consisting of involved local residents in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Its goal is to contribute to the cultural and social growth of the neighborhood.

It is an accessible organisation, which welcomes all local residents with inspiring socio-cultural ideas.

Unlike the annual West Beach (Film) Festival, the activities organized by West Beach Lab can take place throughout the year at various locations in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, including temporary pop-up locations.

Instead, in occasion of the West Beach (Film) Festival, it organises several and various activities and events for entertainment, such as outdoor cinema, workshops and lab for children and adults, games, music and creative and artistic activities.

For the 2023 edition, West Beach (Film) Festival will collaborate with Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA), two organisations which are really involved in the neigbourhood.

As Pauline Quax (one of the people in charge of the festival’s organisation and production) affirmed:

This collaboration with SAMA is really good, because SAMA has so much expertise and knowledge in street art. It is great to have SAMA on the West Beach Film Festival, also to collaborate and get to know other organisations in the neighbourhood. We are both so active in the neighbourhood in different ways, and because of this collaboration, we can learn a lot from each other.

For the festival, SAMA will provide a social and participatory mural, which will be made together with the neighbourhood and the artist Tatiana Rusakova, from Ukraine. The banner on this mural will be painted with flowers, regarding the theme “Tuindsteden”. This topic is based on “ALL INCLUSIVE – Connected in Dichtersbuurt” project, thanks to which SAMA won a grant from ALDA (Association for Local Democracy Agency), in order to improve the local context. Thanks to this project, SAMA will create new opportunities by using street art as a tool for dialogue with residents from different backgrounds, and people can meet and know each other in the informal but educational atmosphere.

SAMA project, which takes place in the Dichtersbuurt, is going to be showed at the West Beach Film Festival. I think that it is so nice what SAMA does together with the neighbourhood. I cannot wait to join and also collaborate and invite our community there. It will also be great to have SAMA community on our festival, because we can really know each other and increase our community. This will be a good collaboration and we are looking forward to work more together”.

Reflects Pauline Quax

Moreover, SAMA will provide free tickets to the festival to all the participants of the projects. In this way, people could enjoy the party and see their creations.

We are so excited to attend this event, involving all the community!

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