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Exploring Urban Practices in Bogota: Street Art & Education

In the dynamic world of street art, collaboration knows no bounds. In 2023, the Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) embarked on a transformative journey fuelled by creativity and cultural exchange. With the support of a grant from CultuurParticipatie, SAMA set its sights on Bogota, Colombia, with a singular mission: to exchange best practices and learn new techniques in the realm of street art and education. What unfolded was a captivating exploration, weaving together the vibrant tapestries of Amsterdam and Bogota to create an inspiring narrative of collaboration, innovation and community empowerment.

Join us as we delve into the captivating tale of SAMA's venture in Amsterdam and Bogota, uncovering the beauty, power, and boundless potential of street art education on an international stage.

Let's take a closer look at this captivating journey of discovery, which began with clear objectives in mind:

  • Mutual Learning: SAMA sought to bridge the gap between organised institutions and grassroots initiatives, fostering the exchange of expertise in producing and disseminating educational materials.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Identifying opportunities for partners to share insights and enhance educational practices was paramount.

  • Sustainability: With an eye towards the future, strategies were devised to ensure the longevity and sustainability of educational endeavours in both Amsterdam and Bogota.

Our first stop was IBDC: Instituto Bogotano De Corte - a collective of like-minded creatives and makers, specialising in different disciplines.

Instituto Bogotano De Corte (IBDC) is a non-profit community formed around the trades of cutting. Since 2018, it has been working through processes of tracking, research, and creation from a practical and didactic approach, producing printed pieces ranging from manuals to newspapers, flyers, and posters, always driven by a logic and practice of free and open distribution. Additionally, the IBDC produces and addresses audiovisual materials, carries out public interventions and promotes meeting spaces for the exchange and socialisation of independent material.

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, the IBDC opened the doors of its current headquarters, located at Carrera 4 #21-72, in the traditional Las Nieves neighbourhood of downtown Bogota.

Renowned for its commitment to urban culture with a DIY ethos, the institute proved to be the perfect match for SAMA. Both organisations shared a vision of developing educational activities tailored for secondary school students, emphasising hands-on learning and the principles of DIY culture. The synergy between SAMA and IBDC was palpable, laying the groundwork for impactful collaborations.

The exploration was a dynamic process, comprising introductory meetings with the team of IBDC, immersive research activities and trips to different parts of Bogota exploring the vibrant urban culture scene. Together, we addressed key questions, discovering each other's worlds to gain a deeper understanding of work, needs, interests, audiences and capabilities. Ideas for future cooperation began to take shape, fuelled by the shared passion for urban art, vibrant city streets and possibilities in education of future generations.

With insights gained and partnerships forged, the next steps are clear in charting the future:

  • Formalising Partnerships: Solidifying the partnership between SAMA and Instituto Bogotano De Corte to pave the way for future endeavours.

  • Educational Initiatives: Developing engaging educational materials and activities for secondary school students in Amsterdam, fostering a deeper connection to urban & street art culture.

  • Knowledge Exchange: Establishing mechanisms for ongoing knowledge exchange and collaboration, ensuring a continuous flow of inspiration and innovation.

  • Sustainability Strategies: Exploring innovative approaches to sustainability, including digital collection management and long-term educational initiatives, to ensure the lasting impact of urban art education.

In the streets of Amsterdam and Bogota, urban canvases await, ready to tell stories, spark imagination, and ignite passion. Through collaboration, innovation, and community engagement, SAMA is leading the way, painting a brighter future for street art education, one brushstroke at a time. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we uncover the beauty and power of street art, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds around the world.

As this captivating journey unfolds, SAMA remains steadfast in its dedication to enriching lives through the transformative power of street art education. The collaboration between SAMA and its partners world-wide transcends geographical boundaries, cultural differences, and institutional barriers. Together, they are rewriting the narrative of street art education, inspiring individuals to express themselves boldly and contribute to the colourful tapestry of urban culture.

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I appreciate the sense of inclusivity and diversity that this blog embodies. basket random


What unfolded was a captivating exploration, weaving together the vibrant tapestries of Amsterdam and Bogota to create an inspiring narrative of collaboration, innovation and community empowerment. drift boss

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