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Meet Nouch

Today we focus on a Dutch artist: Nouch.

Nouchka Huijg, is a graphic designer and illustrator. She usually works for commercial brands, magazines, etc. and sometimes exhibits her works on the walls of the streets of Amsterdam, where she has lived for the past fifteen years.

Nouch experiments the street art; she has created a new work recently at Krugerplein, Amsterdam oost. The artist use to draw in her notebooks and always had the desire to make her drawings on a larger scale. For her using the walls in the streets are about the right size, it appears as a new stage, a new medium to make her drawings even bigger. Nouch's art depict Mascot-Monster: whimsical black-and-white characters. For some of her artworks the artist has given them the name of "abandoned drawings looking for a home", orphan drawings that she left on the tables of cafés, hoping that someone would adopt them. She calls some of these creatures "airheads”: "I call them airheads because they look like big balloons... I love everything that floats, don't we all?" These monsters are for her a reflection of humans beings concerning how we treat the environment : "we all are airheads (which also means "empty heads" in English)"

Nouch realizes the majority of her works in black and white because she explains "Colours are distracting me". These black and white creations also serve the duality present in Nouch's works. Duality that is found in the creatures that she illustrates and draws, creatures who are both mascots and monsters, both beautiful and scary. Her latest work called "airheads" depicts these little monsters stacked on top of each other like a totem and a kind of ice cream. A one year planned project realized during three days under the amused gaze of the inhabitants of the neighboring buildings

"Airheads" by Nouch

The originality of Nouch's work lies as much in the graphics of her drawings as in the technique used. Nouch first uses a special paint called Airlite. This painting created by an Italian company has the particularity to purify the air. In combination with this painting, Nouch creates her works with a singular ink: Airink, an ink created from the recycling of pollution and smoke that gives it a strong black color. With this ink Nouch can express her creativity by combining responsible action for the environment. Original works that are more respectful of the planet.

Orticanoodles - Tulips

Ambassadors of this innovative new painting Airlite, the Italian collective Orticanoodles has created various works for SAMA. Projects that combine the useful with the pleasant with a painting 100% natural more environmentally friendly.

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