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Please, Stay Home!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

As the Netherlands are approaching a potential lock down in queue of Italy and Spain, the utopian idea that people can self-regulate themselves is almost "voorbij".

Our museum's collection is STREET ART, which means, unlike many organisation using this name, our art is actually on the streets and is freely accessible to everyone: "what a fantastic fresh air walk in this spring weather it is - the green belts of Nieuw-West, canals filled with birds and parks with bunnies, incredible art on the route".

When the crisis started we had an emergency contingency meeting with the board of trustees, one of whom is a practicing nurse, and came to the conclusion that in this particular time, when nurses, doctors and experts around the world and country are asking people to #stayhome - it is irresponsible to encourage the population onto the streets!

Art - graffiti or otherwise - is relevant at any time. And the reflection of Stinkfish's SMILE (2013) is more contemporary than ever at the time of #socialdistancing #hygien #washyourhandsalot #crisis #coronavirus The painting is looking onto the empty school's medical cabinet in reflection.

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