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Street Art & Democracy - Now open!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Street art has an undeniable presence in Amsterdam. In the exhibition and publication Street Art & Democracy we look back at the first street art festival in Amsterdam organised in 2010, and its developments since. We discuss the role of street art in the city of Amsterdam, and the position it holds today. How do players in the street art field reflect on street art, and its drive to be a democratic art form that gives everyone the equal right to have access to art? Street art producers, artists, stakeholders, galleries and museums are driven by their own motivations, and have their own interests. Whether it's approached from a social, cultural, political or commercial perspective,

what they share is the belief that R.U.A. project with Ammar Abo Bakr.

street art is for everyone. Photo Marco Buddingh

Street Art & Democracy gives an insight into various perspectives on street art and brings voices together, without stating to give a complete overview. The aim is to inform, inspire and encourage further research.

On occasion of the project ‘Street Art & Democracy’ the artist duo ‘Pipsqueak was here!!!’ painted a mural in the Confucius playpark, not far from SAMA. Previous to making the mural, the artists provided street art workshops to local residents while discussing the meaning of democracy.

To join the discussions on street art, and find out more street art locations, visit our online platform Street Art & Democracy on Padlet:

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