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Community Garden - Garden of Stories is a vibrant initiative located in the heart of the Dichtersbuurt neighbourhood, designed to bring residents together through the shared experience of gardening and storytelling. In this communal space, locals gather to plant seeds, nurture plants, and eventually harvest the fruits of their labor. 

Beyond gardening, the project serves as a cultural hub where neighbors cook and share their favorite meals, creating an inviting atmosphere of culinary exchange. Each dish is accompanied by personal stories of migration, inclusion, and diversity, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the varied backgrounds within the community. 

This project not only enhances the local environment but also strengthens the social fabric of Dichtersbuurt by celebrating the unique experiences and rich cultural heritage of its residents.

Athena - Research and Education Institute

Connecting science and society for a better tomorrow, Athena believes that science should actively contribute to a healthy, inclusive and sustainable world. As a scientific research and education institute, studying and designing science-society interfaces, we are pursuing this vision by analysing and integrating diverse perspectives and enabling joint action.

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