Street Art Museum Amsterdam’s goal is to stimulate children’s interest in their living environment, to promote creativity and innovative thinking through hands-on workshops facilitated by professional artists and museum volunteers. Bringing children into contact with street art can help connect them to the environments in which the art is created, and to neighbourhoods, cultures, perspectives and ideas they may not normally interact with, broadening children’s’ perceptions of the themes street art typically grapples with: human rights, ecology, self-sufficiency, the future, politics, ethics, learning to express oneself and independent thinking.


During the workshops, children learn the analog techniques of street art to (again) come into contact with physical matter, such as making stickers, stencils, spray paint, tagging, hand lettering and drawing characters from real artists. In an informal setting in our gallery, they learn about culture (differences) art and technology. We do this based on our theme “through stories we connect".