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About Us!

Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) is a contemporary eco-museum, focused on the identity of the immediate environment in connection with local participation and aimed at improving the development and quality of life of the local community, using art as a tool to social dialogue.  

With around 300 art pieces in a growing collection by a varied spectrum of artists - from worldwide acclaimed street artists such as El Pez, Bastardilla, Stinkfish, Orticanoodles, Btoy, Kenor, Suso33 and Lunar to local artists such as TeamBlazing, Bunny Brigade, and NolArt, the museum exhibits a complete collection that is part of Amsterdam Nieuw-West and adds value to the neighborhood for the last seven years. By being freely accessible and on direct contact with the local population, SAMA’s collection is daily lived in by the residents of Nieuw-West, creating an emotional and historical connection between the artworks and the community. Moreover, the collection is continually visited through daily tours, supported by the museum as a research lab responsive to public input and feedback, which makes SAMA unique for Amsterdam and a worldwide innovator.

Our goal is to continue functioning as a community eco-museum focusing on innovative solutions using art as a tool for a dialogue between the residents and their immediate environment. SAMA aims to use the collection to display and exhibit, research &  interpret the artworks, and make information accessible to a wider audience. The ultimate ambition is to create a dynamic catalogue publicly available online for free. 


SAMA’s Mission is to align action with beliefs. Through the collection, SAMA makes the original ethics of street art movement and the works of its authentic founders of the art movement accessible, reaching a wide and varied public in order to enrich and inspire them. 

Core Values

  1.    Eco-museum where art (tangible heritage) and stories (intangible heritage) come together.

  2.    Give street art a function as a tool to connect people within the community.

  3.    SAMA’s visitors are ‘users’ rather than ‘viewers’, ‘customers’ or ‘consumers’, being active      participants of the experience provided.

  4.    Open-source and shared impact museum.

  5.    Engage local youth in creating a micro-economy.

  6.    Combine technology and art to work on innovative ways of preserving heritage.

  7.    Put the spotlight on an unknown neighbourhood of Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

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