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TANGIBLE VS. INTANGIBLE - DIGITAL SOLUTION - SAMA’s main collection constitutes street art which is situated on semi-private immovable property. Conceptually, street art is meant to decay. SAMA’s mission is to safeguard the intangible component street art bears: experiences, memories, the impacts the art has. The digital form is the most suitable solution to collect street art. 


MUSEUM 2.0 - SAMA’s vision is to make street art experiences and impacts available for everyone through the use of participatory digital platforms, media and networks. SAMA can acquire movable property and digital heritage which represents SAMA’s street art. Moreover, there is a global demand for investing in technology and digital content. 

MUSEUM REGISTER NETHERLANDS - SAMA’s objective is to become a museum officially, reaching its aim to create legal, ethical and management frameworks and tools for its governance and collection management. This implies incorporation of the Museum Standard.

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