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Street art piece


6000 strokes

Street Art Museum Amsterdam



Artist Bio:

A Milan-based duo who started painting in the early 2000’s, inspired by democratic usage of street art, who worked several times with SAMA in the past. They began experimenting with stickers and hand-cut stencils referencing Andy Warhol’s reproduction methodology, before developing their highly recognisable style that combines elements of photorealism, animation, tessellation, collage and subtle, but abundant, art-historical references. Quickly outgrowing the Milan graffiti scene, Orticanoodles began participating in festivals ranging from the lowbrow, unpaid Paint & Beer happenings by graffiti artists from around Europe, to high-end art events including Paris Tower 13, the Djerbahood Tunisia, Venice Biennale and Banksy’s 2008 Cans Festival. On occasion of the first Amsterdam Street Art Festival in 2010, they had the chance to enter in contact with SAMA. Many discussions took place during that week about a mysterious ‘street art’ movement that researcher Anna Stolyarova was investigating, and whether there was a potential connection between it and the Fluxus happenings of the 1960s and ‘70s. Linked with this research, in 2011, Orticanoodles announced the release of their Multiple Prints series, citing inspiration from Pop Art, through representation of the iconic Andy Warhol.


Schiphol the Base












Good / Legible

Physical Description:

6000 Strokes' is one of the first works made by the Italian duo for the SAMA collection. The work is reminiscent of the magnificent 'Tulips', made in Nieuw-West almost in parallel, both in style and meaning. Orticanoodles plays vividly with colours and their tones, creating a series of pillars dedicated to the different flowers that are symbols of Holland. To the sinuous shapes of the flowers, the artists combine hard geometric lines in which the leaves and flowers are framed. The details are rough and barely sketched, often without contour lines or use of chiaroscuro. The rough style becomes realistic through patches of colour with an aesthetic close to the world of illustration and engraving.


‘6000 strokes’ by Orticanoodles, is found on four pillars. On the pillars, you can see colourful tropical flowers and leaves, accompanied by vibrant backgrounds with graphic stripes. Many of the flowers are also painted in stripes, while others look very realistic, just like how you would expect them in nature. These flowers represent love and passion, and they really bright up an area that used to be grey and empty. It shows the detailed, professional and perfectionistic side of street style, as it took multiple days.


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