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SAMA’s mission is to grow and document the collection of street art in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. The museum aims to attract local, national and global attention, bringing in tourists and activating the neighbourhood economy. Using street art as a tool to start a dialogue with the neighbours and visitors.



The collection of SAMA serves as a powerful resource for various cultural, economic and social activities. As the collection grows, the public interest grows with it; locally and internationally. SAMA's vision is to open a door to Nieuw-West, and broaden the tourist path on Amsterdam with a unique public art platform.



SAMA’s goals for the near and far future, are as follows:


  • Register the existing collection created over the past 5 years.

  • Develop the educational events already provided around the collection, involving the street artists and engaging with the community.

  • Increase visitor numbers through marketing; social media, local newspapers, leaflets etc.

  • Expand the street art collection, through a community oriented selection process resulting in memorable artworks by international artists.

  • Achieve more international acknowledgment and recognition, through engagement with international projects, participation in events and development of relationships with other organisations.

  • Experiment with technology to develop an innovative Virtual-Reality and Augmented-Reality street art experience.


The old website-blog on Tumblr is still functional, so if you wish to learn our history, please go to here, where you can indulge in hours of reading :)

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