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Privacy : FAQ

  • Is it possible to see the artworks during the COVID-19 lockdown?
    ​Unfortunately, all our daily tours are temporarily canceled. But you can still visit our collection, as the pieces are located outside in the open space and are not positioned in busy areas. You can find the location of our pieces by buying a map in the page Basic Visit. When going for a walk around the street art collection,please remember to follow theRijksoverheid Rules. We will share updates about our functioning on social media. In there we are also posting daily new content about the collection, so follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get informed! Take care and don't forget to stay at home as much as possible!
  • 1. Can I see the collection without buying a ticket?
    No. The ticket is treated as a donation towards collection management and educational programming and includes a guide. The route of the artworks has been carefully designed and cannot be found easily without guidance.
  • How long does the tour last?
    The normal tour is ±2 hours.
  • Is the collection in the gallery?
    Our HQ gallery serves as an office. The collection is spread on the streets and covers a ±4km route. We also have wings in Schiphol, Amsterdam Old-West and Sloterdijk.
  • Is it possible to buy a map?
    We are currently working on developing an application for the future.
  • Is it possible to do a bike tour?  Is the price the same as the normal tour?
    If you wish to have a bike tour, please make a note during the normal booking process so that we can make sure your guide has a bike too. The price is the same as a walking tour.
  • Can we rent bikes at SAMA HQ?
    We do not rent out bikes but can recommend nearby hotels and small bike shops that do facilitate such requests on short notice.
  • Can I buy a ticket at the museum without booking online?
    Yes, you can pay at SAMA HQ office. However, we do not accept cards, so the payment must be in cash. You will receive a receipt of your contribution.
  • In what languages can the tour be given?
    We normally have English, Dutch, French and Spanish speakers available. However, if specifically requested we can find translators into other languages for additional cost.
  • Is there a discount ticket for children?
    We do not charge money for children under 18 years old.
  • Why are the artworks only in Nieuw-West?
    The collection was systematically created in order to inspire a change of perception about the area, as well as to draw visitors to the lesser known areas outside Amsterdam city centre.
  • Are you NDSM?
    No. Street Art Museum Amsterdam was established in 2012 and is the first Street Art Museum in the Netherlands. SAMA is a registered trademark. Street Art Museum Amsterdam is not affiliated with any other projects or institutions and has not consented to other parties using the Street Art Museum name.
  • Are there any artworks for sale?
    The street art in our collection lives on the streets. Putting it up for sale would be like ‘stealing a Banksy’. The mission of our NGO is to protect and document, rather than institutionalize or commercialize this unique form of public art.
  • Why do I have to pay for street art?
    The artworks in SAMA’s collection are all paid for by our NGO. The idea is to ‘feed the artist’ rather than generate profit. The vision is to create free spaces for the internationally acclaimed artists who have created our collection to safely share their skills and techniques, while also prolonging the life of their works in Amsterdam to the maximum. Therefore, a small contribution in the form of ticket allows us to fairly compensate the artist for their work at SAMA.
  • Are you subsidised by the government?
    Not really. We do receive occasional support, however our NGO is self-sufficient and relies on our own fundraising efforts.
  • Do you give tours in the city centre?
    No. We only show the artworks in SAMA’s collection (legal and illegal) because we made them. Amsterdam city cleans the streets in the centre on regular basis and most of the art there is illegal and very temporary. Therefore, we do not feel that it is ethically sound to charge visitors and provide tours of temporary works which artists create at risk to their wellbeing, and at their own expense.
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