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The exhibition "Magic Dozen - Street Art in Amsterdam Nieuw-West” tells the story of Street Art Museum Amsterdam and its unique collection through 12 protagonists: the artists that represent distinct and authentic production styles, which hold art-historical significance, both as inheritors of the past and also as progenitors of a new art movement; the artists who have embedded themselves within the urban and architectural history of Amsterdam Nieuw-West, thus molding the cultural heritage of the region and contributing new democratised and accessible art to this neglected community in a depressed area outside of the city’s ring.

The name of the exhibition mirrors the unprecedented ability of the selected artists to reveal the meaning of the material context, as if by magic making the invisible visible again, re-imaging and re-imagining the city.


Kenor, Btoy, Lunar, Cleaver Cunningham, Bastardilla, El Pez, Suso33, Uriginal, Stinkfish, Orticanoodles, TeamBlazin, Angelo Campos are divided into Pioneers, Innovators and Educators, highlighting the roles of these artists,  social actors and catalysts in Amsterdam’s contemporary heritage.


The exhibition takes place in a decentralized way. The three chosen locations are:

New-Metropolis, Street Art Museum Amsterdam and DOCK. These three cultural spaces relate in their essence to the sections of the exhibition that they host. By visiting them, the viewer can get into deeper contact with Amsterdam Nieuw-West and experience the art pieces in their natural habitat, as these places are conveniently positioned on the route of SAMA collection.

This exhibition is made possible thanks to Amsterdamse Funds voor de Kunst and our partners.

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