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In collaboration with KNAS, SAMA started a new line of streetwear in order to raise funds for its 2nd wind : The Urban Art School based in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

Why? We want to step aside from governmental subsidies and establish a platform where community chooses its own destiny.  Outside of stigmata. We want to share our success story in informal education and sustainable models for impact in every possible way.


SAMA is what a street art museum should be. A collection of art displayed where it was originally made – the streets. Preserving the ephemeral aspect of street art is an integral part of the museum, where an exciting collection is always changing, interacting with its surroundings and the community, making SAMA a unique experience in Amsterdam.  


Over time SAMA has attracted media attention due staying true to street art – now it is time to improve on what is already working. Together we focused on a simple, flexible and yet beautiful brand idea that will represent SAMA and the artists, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the neighbourhood and its people, OUR attitude, in order to stay relevant & stay memorable.  

New Collection : BRICKS & MORTAR

“Everyone can dream.

Who is ready to build it step by step, brick by brick?”
                                                                                  - Rasheed Ogunlaru

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