The Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) is a contemporary art eco-museum, focused on street art and the identity of the immediate environment in connection with local participation. Our aim is to improve the development and quality of life of our local community using street art as a tool to promote social dialogue. In a rapidly changing society, SAMA tells stories that should not be forgotten. With our collection, the museum surprises and enriches visitor's experiences, communities, and society as a whole.

Founded in 2012 as a means to rejuvenate the neighborhood, the museum functions as a community-led, open-air research laboratory that challenges the typical expectation of the role of museums in our society. Focusing on creating fluid and agile policies positions SAMA as a unique facilitator of a fleeting and elusive heritage of both art and history.

Unique for Amsterdam and a result of the rapid growth of the population and the small size of the city, SAMA works as a living, breathing art experiment. The museum carefully considers gentrification, real estate development, and urban renewal when expanding its collection in order to create a dialogue about the once-neglected neighborhoods of Nieuw-West.

With artworks that touch on social and political issues like human rights, capitalism, and ecological justice, SAMA aims to inspire a diverse audience. Street art is inherently connected to its location and, therefore, also a tool to increase awareness and change perspectives at the local level. While SAMA focuses on building a collection that is part of the local community, we also aim to start a dialogue using street art that reaches a larger audience. We do this through community programs, workshops for children and adults and tours that use street art as the entry point for the issues that many of us face.  



Our mission is to create, explore, document and preserve the growing democratic movement of street art. Therefore, SAMA works as a research lab, creating a study culture in order to document our generation’s heritage and identity. SAMA works to create a colorful, artistic environment and at the same time helps bring more social cohesion to our neighborhood. Using the museum’s street art collection, our main task is to develop engagement programs that connect different urban stakeholders: local residents, building corporations, municipality, political parties, academic institutions, international foundations, and private investors. 

SAMA’s vision for the near and far future is as follows:

  • Full registration of the museum and its collection.

  • Further develop educational programming using the collection, creating a dialogue between artists, the community and the museum staff.

  • Increase visitor numbers through marketing; e.g. social media, local newspapers, printed material etc.

  • Expand the street art collection through a community-oriented selection process resulting in memorable artworks by renowned artists.

  • Broaden international acknowledgment and recognition through engagement with international projects, participation in events and development of relationships with other organizations.

  • Experiment with technology to develop an innovative Virtual-Reality and Augmented-Reality documentation practice of the pieces in the collection.

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Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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