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With some 300 art pieces in a growing collection, SAMA brings the internationally acclaimed artists who made street art what it is today to the streets of Amsterdam Nieuw-West -- the only place in the Netherlands where these pioneers, innovators and educators' artworks can be seen. From a colossal 150 square meter Stinkfish to a 10cm woodblock by BunnyBrigade, our collection is site-specific, it tells the story of graffiti's evolution to street art, and stories of the intangible heritage of Nieuw-West.

Looking to escape the madness of the city center, the lines at Museumplein, and do something unique? Come experience street art as it originated: not in trendy "street art districts," but hidden in corners off the beaten track. Book a tour, get a selfie with works created by artists painting at for Miami Art Basel, Prada, Vans (and many more!) and find out why our tours and activities are some of the top things to do in Amsterdam!

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