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Street Art piece


Cherry Blossom

Street Art Museum Amsterdam



Artist Bio:

Zas started tagging her name on the Bogota streets in 2004. She doesn’t want her style to have a sexual identity.

“Hide your face, get a name yourself, create an identity into another one and use it when it’s convenient. Take advantage of it and have fun doing it. That’s the most important part.”

Especially in Columbia there is a conviction that the women should have place only at home. Zas always working in a team enhances the importance of collaboration with artists who have similar ideas about the art. She is also Included to APC (Animal Power Crew) artists of Columbia.





Spray Can








Very bad / Almost illegible

Physical Description:

Cherry Blossom is a work created in Johan Brouwerpad in 2015. The work consists of two different parts: on the first hand, there is the artist's lettering made in a way that is unusual and mysterious to read, where the letters Z, A, S are made by means of irregular yellow, white and purple lines. Formed by arrows that interweave with each other, the work represents a strong three-dimensional taste typical of new school graffiti that aims to exalt geometric realism and depth. The other part of the work is composed of a figurative scene depicting three white dogs lying in fluffy clouds that carry them towards a celestial horizon. The works with Zas' signature combine the styles and patterns of different artists but their main characteristic is that all of these murals are not distinguished by the personal mark of any of them. They succeeded in creating a single image that depicts the unique whole. Always working in a team, Zas emphasizes the importance of collaboration when the artists with similar ideas can create great pieces of art.


Cherry Blossom was created with the aim of creating a work that would unite the neighbourhood culturally and faced with the difficulty of understanding pure lettering for a public unfamiliar with old-school graffiti, it was decided to use a figurative element. The choice of "little puppies" was made because, as the artist said, "everybody loves puppies" and the scene represents Pinky, the dog of the founder of SAMA and Beagle, the recently passed away dog of the artist. In this sense, the work reads like a tribute to ZAS's own dog running towards the heavenly horizon of the dog paradise. The title stems from the obvious parallelism of the fluffy clouds with the flowers that bloomed in spring during the creation of the work.


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