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Cultuurfonds - Calandlyceum Podcast



Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) is a museum that uses street art and technology as tools to engage in social debate. SAMA now has a collection of approximately 300 works of art, produced over the past eight years by a varied spectrum of artists. The artworks are on walls, electrical boxes, shop fronts in public spaces across Amsterdam New-West. The varied art collection is part of Amsterdam Nieuw-West's DNA and is a reflection of the neighborhood's identity. SAMA uses its collection to increase local participation and to improve the development and quality of life in New West. The ephemeral nature of Street Art requires SAMA's curators and heritage specialists to constantly seek new methods of documenting the works and capturing them in context.

SAMA uses different forms to document the (im) material qualities of Street Art. We use digital resources such as VR, AR and Audiovisual Media. This experience provides an excellent basis to keep the collection alive through a podcast in collaboration with the Calandlyceum as a local partner.


The objective of this project is to make it possible for local youth to produce an Audio Podcast to learn about the heritage process while creating new digital heritage.


Project design

The podcasts will be by the youth for a new perspective along (parts of) the street art collection of SAMA. They tell the story and determine the themes of the artworks they choose. What inspires them, what strikes them, what they have researched are just some of the talking points to be had. Apart from a few teachers, there for guidance, they are given the tools to find the necessary information and to formulate the podcast themselves. The students are guided both through the information collection and in recording the podcast.


The desired result is a digital, permanent contribution to an art form that is physically fleeting, yet essentially growing. Their contribution will be included in the digital memory of the Netherlands via the SAMA archive.

The project consists of 8 podcast episodes, with each episode lasting approximately 30 minutes.

All students receive background information about the SAMA collection from SAMA:

• information about what street art is

• information about what a digital collection is

• a tour of the works on the street and digitally

• information about the architecture of the district

• information about the involvement of local residents in these works

• access to the digital descriptions and collection of SAMA works

About the Calandlyceum


Calandlyceums are a national formula for beta-technical education at HAVO and VWO. At the moment there are 100 technasium schools, spread throughout the Netherlands. The Calandlyceum we are working in cooperation with started in 2009, making it the oldest technasium in Amsterdam. Project teams consist of four students, with one of the group members being team leader. The responsibility of the team leader lies in making a schedule, delegating, and making sure objectives are met.

Content & objective(s)


The end product of this project is an innovative, entertaining and educational podcast produced by the students of Calandlyceum. Listeners can listen (for free) to the 8 podcasts and thus discover (part of) the history of Nieuw-West. The podcast can be listened to during an independent tour through Nieuw-West in combination with a free map from SAMA collection, but is also interesting to listen to independently. The aim of this project is to inspire the youth, the students through the art collection of SAMA about the quality of their own neighborhood, but also to initiate them into the process of creating podcasts as a way of preserving heritage. A second objective is to ensure that the information, about the works, the context, the neighborhood, becomes available and visible to their peers in Nieuw West and beyond via the podcast, spoken in the language of the students. These students are from the generation that often ignores the traditional museum, are looking for new forms of involvement in the art and design world. They like to be their own curator and heritage creator and place their work in their own social context. SAMA has insight into this way of working because we have already worked with the Calandlyceum and their students in recent years. These experiences come in handy in the podcast project.

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