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De Kleine Triomfen - Strategy

Street Art for Democratic Community Development in Amsterdam Zuid (2024-2025)

The Municipality of Amsterdam Zuid has entrusted the Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) with the task of devising a strategy to utilize street art as a vehicle for democratic community development and social strengthening.

This multi-year initiative aims to engage local residents, schools, organizations, and community members through participatory street art projects that reflect and celebrate their unique identity and values. By integrating the powerful attributes of street art, this program seeks to foster accessibility, community building, beautification, and empowerment.


  • Accessibility:

    • Goal: Make art accessible to all members of the community, regardless of background or socioeconomic status.

    • Activities: Public street art installations in easily accessible locations; workshops and interactive sessions open to all community members.


  • Social Commentary:

    • Goal: Address social and political issues through art.

    • Activities: Collaborations with local artists to create murals that critique societal issues such as inequality, environmental concerns, and cultural identity.


  • Community Building:

    • Goal: Foster a sense of community and belonging.

    • Activities: Community design sessions, storytelling projects, and public art creation days to involve local residents in the artistic process.


  • Beautification & Urban Renewal:

    • Goal: Transform neglected areas into vibrant, visually appealing spaces.

    • Activities: Murals and street art projects focused on revitalizing and beautifying urban spaces, engaging local talent, and community participation.

  • Personal Expression:

    • Goal: Provide a platform for personal and creative expression.

    • Activities: Workshops and exhibitions for local artists to showcase their work and share personal stories through street art.

  • Empowerment:

    • Goal: Empower marginalized groups and individuals.

    • Activities: Inclusive art projects that give voice to underrepresented groups and provide opportunities for them to participate in the creation of public art.

  • Cultural Influence:

    • Goal: Influence and shape local culture through street art.

    • Activities: Integration of new ideas, aesthetics, and trends into the community’s cultural landscape through collaborative art projects.

  • Inspiration & Emotion:

    • Goal: Evoke strong emotions and inspire community members.

    • Activities: Creation of powerful, thought-provoking art that connects with people on an emotional level.

  • Global Reach:

    • Goal: Extend the impact of local street art beyond Amsterdam Zuid.

    • Activities: Use of social media to share images and stories of local street art projects, fostering a global connection and inspiring wider audiences.

  • Legacy & Preservation:

    • Goal: Preserve the produced artworks and their cultural heritage.

    • Activities: Documentation and maintenance plans for key street art pieces, ensuring their longevity and continued relevance.

Key Participatory Models
  • Community Workshops: Street artists will organise educational workshops for all age groups to learn street art techniques and actively contribute to public artworks.

  • Community Design Sessions: Artists and community members will collaborate in sessions to develop mural concepts that resonate with local values and visions.

  • Local Talent Showcases: Platforms for emerging artists and youth to present their work alongside larger street art projects, promoting diversity and inclusion.

  • Interactive Installations: Creation of installations that invite community contributions, allowing residents to add their own elements to the artwork.

  • Storytelling and Oral History: Incorporation of local narratives and histories into street art, enriching the artworks with personal and communal significance.

  • Community Engagement: Events where residents participate, thus fostering community pride and ownership of the art.

  • Community Feedback and Input: Continuous engagement with the community for feedback, ensuring the art reflects their evolving values and needs.

  • Community Celebrations: Events to celebrate completed projects, including unveiling ceremonies and art festivals to strengthen community bonds.

  • Collaborative Documentation: Encouraging community documentation of the art creation process through various media, creating a rich archive of the project’s journey and impact.


By embracing these participatory models and leveraging the transformative power of street art, this program aims to create a vibrant, cohesive, and empowered community in Amsterdam Zuid. The initiative will not only beautify the area but also instill a deep sense of pride and ownership among its residents, making street art a cornerstone of democratic community development.

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