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Through the carefully designed programming of “All Inclusive”, we are connecting disadvantaged neighbourhood to the high end results, using Street Art ethics as a tool to a dialogue with residents from diverse backgrounds.  


The new HQ and Community Lab, new partnerships with local organisations, new alliances with city and Europe, new requests from local colleges.  Let’s meet the people get to know each other in the informal yet full of learnings atmosphere.

About The Project

“Around the Campfire": The new location of SAMA consists of two adjacent ground floor former apartments with adjoining gardens that are connected to a small lawn, shared with other residents. With 'All Inclusive' we organise lower-threshold weekly meetings to create encounters using the "campfire conversations" method, we engage in conversation in an informal setting, with the aim of getting to know each other and the identity of the neighbourhood better.  The conversations take place around an accessible cultural activity, e.g. a music performance, storytelling and creative street art workshops. During these activities there is also joined cooking and eating. The approach is to connect by meeting and talking. We organise 4 meetings within this program.


“The Art Garden”: In order to investigate and interpret the identity of the Dichtersbuurt together with the residents, we are organising a series of 4 workshops and a Street Art Mural with festive gathering on the theme of flora & fauna. Residents will first participate in a storytelling workshop in which they tell about themselves on the basis of a self-chosen flower or plant. This can be about the character, about the cultural origin, about a personal experience, etc. Then they learn to draw the flower or plant under the guidance of an a professional artist - Tatiana Rusakova. Tatiana has evacuated from Ukraine to Amsterdam in 2022, and have since mastered Dutch language and found the way to practice her art through classes and workshops.


Inspired by the stories, the artist will create a Street Art Mural on a popular playground.


There will be a Festive Opening meeting, where some of the plants designated by the participants will be planted in the garden of SAMA in the Dichtersbuurt, as well as painted on the Street Art Mural.


In total, this part of the program consists of 6 activities (1 festive gathering, 1 storytelling workshop and 3 art workshops) and a Street Art Mural.


SAMA works with existing methodologies such as co-creation and the campfire conversation method. SAMA also uses the self-developed method 'Street art as a tool', in which we use a creative activity in the form of a workshop to get / stimulate conversations about a certain subject, and thereby also create a connection between the participants.

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