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Mural Painting



Street Art Museum Amsterdam


Daniela Frongia / Kikiskipi

Artist Bio:

Daniela Frongia is a Sardinian artist using textile for art. Her process is to use yarn that she crafts herself to turn it into pieces. What can be surprising in Daniela’s work is that she grows her own cotton for example. Using this slow process of transforming raw materials into art is basically her art form.

Kikiskipi is an illustrator and wall painter based in Bologna. She quickly realized that drawing and painting could give her the opportunity to throughout all the different aspects of her personality. One characteristic of her work is that she does not draw or paint any faces details on her characters, which makes her work pretty unique.


Confucius Playpark




Spray Can








Gone / Illegible

Physical Description:

The artwork consists of two separate panels, respectively created by Kikiskipi and Daniela Frongia separately. Kikiskipi's work, made with spray can and brushes, depicts a winged female figure from behind with bright colours and barely sketched features surrounded by a blue sky and black and white plant elements at the bottom. Daniela Frongia's work is composed using a special textil art technique reminiscent of the conical webs of certain species of spider. The two three-dimensional cones, black and white, dialogue harmoniously with the colours and design of the colleague.


This project conceived and created by the Urban Center of Sardinia. It aims to enhance the artistic expression of the island linked to muralism and urban creativity. This project created several different activities to promote the contemporary artistic heritage present in the territory in order for it to become an instrument of storytelling and enhancement. It also develops a series of promotional actions locally and internationally, like they did at SAMA, with different Sardinians artists. The two artists took around 3 days to realize this two-in-one piece. This was the first time when they have collaborated as well. Which was interesting because just before they began on Friday, SAMA had contributed to research by Utrecht University on street art and collaboration, which is a connection with Viennese Urban Art Festival "Calle Libre".


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