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24H West: Rain vs SAMA

24H Amsterdam took place on Saturday 27 October 2018 in the most diverse neighborhood of the Amsterdam, the Niuew West. So many exciting and different activities that you can enjoy not only for Dutch residents but also for international people. In this event, music, dance, food, art, surprising workshops, and sports combine their power to entertain you and show the route of the hidden hotspots of neighborhood’s bars, restaurants and cultural institutions. Street Art Museum Amsterdam was also there and kept you company in the 2 different bike tours in Nieuw West.

24h West Bike tour

I would like to share my experience from these tours, it was such a rainy day and the first thought was nobody will show up but unexpectedly more than 50 people with their bikes turned up in the first tour! So the tour began and magnificently the rain stopped. Anna and more than 50 people with their bikes “travelled” at the street art routes for 1,5 hour. One of the bikers told me that he is fan of Street Art Museum Amsterdam and follows every activity of it. From rainy day turned to such an exciting day. Everybody was impressed by the SAMA’S collection and the stories behind the murals and street art little pieces. But this is only one part of the collection, people wanted to come again to see the whole collection of the Street Art Museum Amsterdam.

The first bike tour ended successfully and after 2 hours break, the 2nd bike tour began. The sun reemerged and not 30, not 50 but more than 100 people showed up to the 2nd bike tour!! The Nieuw West was overruned and 100 bikers toured from the hotspot of Spanish artist Skount till Kenor’s Hope. The biker's love of the street art wined the rain and one more time SAMA received hearty and positive feedback!!

Thank you all for coming!!! Hope to see you again one of SAMA’s activities.

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