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Street Art Tours

2018 proved to be a very fruitful year for SAMA street art collection tours.

We have welcomed more than 30 schools from all over the world, some had been returning to SAMA for more than 3 years.

We've got our first large groups, varying from 40 to 150 students, which was a lot of creativity and fun to organise.

The 24HWest FREE BIKE tour demonstrated that more than 120 people can just show up and cycle from Bos en Lommer, through Gebrandy Park, Mercatorplein to WE-terrien. Onno van den Muysenberg, responsible for street art curatorial by Gemeente Amsterdam, was also present as a mystery guest!

When it comes to the community building, SAMA team had expanded the horizon from Schiphol SPOT community to Sloterdijk. One of the major projects running here when it comes to tours is the Sloterdijk Hidden Treasures for employees of the businesses - the lunch walks. The idea was so welcomed by local municipality that we were invited to give the walk to Neighbours Day, which this year welcomed the first 800 new residents in Sloterdijk Centre.

At SAMA, we also went this year on 3 tours ourselves: Spain, Italy and Portugal. After all, what is the knowledge without learning? Barcelona was shown to us by KENOR, Turino by IDROLAB, Florence by FRIENDS OF BLUB and STREET LEVEL GALLERY, and Corvihla by MISTAKER MAKER.

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