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From Ephemeral to Eternal: Street Art in the Digital Age

As gentrification and the demolition of historic buildings threaten monumental works within SAMA's collection, our team has turned to innovation in order to preserve the narratives of Amsterdam's Nieuw-West. Specifically, we have strived towards a new future with our museum using Virtual Reality. Effectively, through the use of VR, SAMA may archive our cultural works in the first of its kind museum environment.

As part of the We Make the City 2019 event, SAMA will host a panel to discuss this exciting future. This Friday evening, the 21st of June, SAMA will host a panel at the New Metropolis from 19:30-22:00 to dissect this venture. This event's panelists include:

Ryan Behzadi, CEO and Co-Founder at ARize Group B.V.. Mr. Behzadi was born in Iran and moved to Armenia four years ago. Two years ago, he founded ARize and later moved to the Netherlands. Since December 2018, ARize has served as a platform that allows people to intuitively create Augmented Reality, and then share and represent their work. ARize has made its stake within the art sector. Mr. Behzadi plans to discuss the problems currently endured by the art sector, and looks to solve these issues via future innovation.

Kira A. Brown, MA Film and Photography Preservation and Collections Management at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. As part of her thesis, she is conducting a 6-month residency at LIMA, researching the documentation of media art installations using virtual reality. Ms. Brown’s research analyzes how virtual reality is proposed as an enhanced documentation and presentation strategy. By offering an immersive realistic representation of an artwork in a virtual environment, virtual reality documentation can provide access to "at-risk" media artworks at an experience-level to conservators, curators, researchers, and the general public.

Rufus Baas, program manager at XR labs and the Centre of Excellence for New Media Realities (Practoraat Het NieuweKijken) at the Media College in Amsterdam. Mr. Baas specializes in immersive and interactive media, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. With his cutting-edge knowledge, Mr. Baas works to co-create with businesses, teachers, and students, and thus innovates lesson plans alongside educational institutions.

Lennart Sikkema, graduate at Heroes and Friends. Mr. Sikkema specializes in production and digital strategy, with the goal of upholding sustainable development. With his expertise, Heroes and Friends provides a crowdsourcing platform where users may source money and

skills to propel their dream projects all the while staying true to the company’s brand as maintaining the best in class software software engineers and social innovators.

Bob de Jong, founder of Eastbound. Eastbound is a creative virtual reality agency based in Amsterdam. Under his leadership, Eastbound creates immersive story-driven experiences that make you wonder, connect and smile. Under his dogma, the story comes first, because he believes stories define the power and success of virtual reality.

If you are in the area, we would like to extend you an invitation to attend this premier panel discussion.

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