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CitizenM team comes to SAMA

Last Friday (25/11) SAMA hosted 23 persons from the team of CitizenM Zuid for their "Team Day", for which we prepared one of our tailored Team Building activities. The group was composed of a very diverse demographic, with people from 13 different nationalities and varied backgrounds. Having this in mind it was designed a dynamic experience where freedom and improvisation were taken into account.

The program started with a picnic outside the gallery where everybody had the chance to rest, have some drinks and snacks. After, we had a tour through some pieces of our collection, with the focus on the different techniques present within street art, especially freestyle and stencil, which were explored later in the workshop.

CitizenM team at Glory

Fotos of the team during the tour

Irina Ermolaeva, artist and designer, conducted the workshop, previously preparing to our guest some printed words, based on the company mission and values, ready to become stencils, where they could practice how to use the knife and cut clean pieces. Afterward, they were able to make use of the imagination and create their own stencils. While half of the group was learning about stencil, the other half was outside of SAMA’s gallery practicing on how to use a spray can, trying all the different caps and possibilities on the wall. The groups then changed places and everybody had the chance to learn and have fun with both techniques, creating together a collaborative wall full of colors.

Fotos of the workshop

To finalize the team got personalized posters with their name written on it made by the Dutch artist TeamBlazin. The CitzenM is a hotel company that come with a new approach towards hospitality, being their core values “genuine touch, passionate attitude, smart thinking, contemporary style and real caring”. At SAMA we are also a multicultural team and many of our core values connect, which resulted in an afternoon with a lot of exchanges, learning and "out-of-the-box" experiences.

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