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2020 : Things We Made

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

This year, which felt like a Mexican Stand Off, I joined SAMA in a very similar fashion to Haye, please read my story here; and I have not regretted my decision not even for a second, even though sometimes things were tough.

Despite all odds, we, as a team, managed to achieve quite a lot!

1. Art Impact Geuzenveld

The year has started with the 2nd leg of the 12 months social program ranging from painting rotating mural to a series of workshops for young and old.

2. Food4Smiles

Was one year project of activation of the local parents with regards to the awareness about the importance of the first 1000 days in a child's life.

3. Midzomer Mokum

An emergency solution by municipality of Amsterdam for local children who could not go on vacation because of the pandemic outbreak.

4. Imagine IC - Garage Kempering

Going under the official title "Monument of the Mind" the project focused on preserving the memory of Garage Kempering in all kinds of media using participatory methods. Together with GR TALK partner, SAMA produced Virtual Reality Memory Capsule which is now safe in Amsterdam Museum and Imagine IC archives for future generations.

5. Debate Around Privacy

The project is endorsed by municipality of Amsterdam and is directed at fuelling the discussion around Privacy, Digital Rights, anonymity and impact of technology. SAMA will be producing 3 murals and a poster designed by Ron English in the first 2 quarter of 2021.

6. STAR - Europe for citizens

Spearheaded by ALDA and progressive municipality of Vincenzo, Europe for Citizen program of 15 countries explores the role of StreetArt intended as a process for social and urban regeneration of communities, specifically as a tool to support economic, social and environmental links between urban, per-urban and rural areas.

7. Ruys de Beerenbrouckstraat (Kenor)

Although, slightly disrupted by 5 weeks lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, the project comprised of a mural and 4 events is 50% complete. Maestro KENOR (ES) has created an original composition affectionately named by local residents: Trilogie de l'Unité and representing the actions of Listening, Feeling, Dancing. RIVM rules permitting we hope to resume the 2nd part of the program and commence a series of Sunday Happenings as earl as February 2021.

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