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Freedom & Street Art on 5 May 2023

Updated: May 10, 2023

5 May is the celebration of Freedom at the end of the Second World War for the

Netherlands. It is called Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag), whereby over the course of the day, festivities are held throughout the Netherlands.

It is celebrated after the National Remembrance Day, which is held on the 4th May every year. In Italy, for example, this celebration is held on 25th of April, to celebrate the liberation from Nazism and Fascism. Every year, in many of the cities along the Mediterranean country, parades and ceremonies are organized in the squares. Instead, in the Netherlands many festivals are held throughout the country and hundreds of freedom meals are offered to people. People from all walks of life come together to share a meal and reflect upon the value of living in a free democratic society.

This year, for the first time, SAMA celebrated Freedom Day on Plein 40’-45’ in the framework of . The square is located close to the new HQ space and hosts more than 5 of SAMA's street artworks. One of the bridges connecting Dichtersbuurt to Plein 40’-45’ is named after Aat Breur-Hibma. She was a Dutch draftswoman and painter. During World War II, she entered the Dutch resistance and ended up as a Nacht und Nebel prisoner in Ravensbrück. There she made poignant pencil drawings of fellow prisoners that are preserved at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Aiming to connect the old and the young, especially with the non-Western background, including Ukrainian new-comers, SAMA created a couple of painting sessions - graffiti and pencil - to mark the first Vrijheidmaaltijd since COVID-19 pandemic “All Inclusive, Freedom & Street Art”.

For 5th May 2023, Plein 40’-45’ had been set up with some stages where some bands performed and engaged with the public with their music.

Many activities were organised for the day long event by local municipality in collaboration with active residents and organisation: such as juggling, portraits’ drawing sessions, and people from the neighbourhood shared the food that they prepared with the community. Led by the young, SAMA involved all kinds of citizens the during a workshop with TeamBlazin, an esteemed calligraffiti and a visual artist from the Netherlands, whose signature calligraphy is globally appreciated. Kids and their parents were enthusiastic to take the innumerable stencils with different patterns and spray colourfully on a big support of paper, attached to the barriers.

Even though after few hours it started to rain, everyone was enthusiastic and excited to continue the workshop, wearing a raincoat and gloves and spray on the paper, creating wonderful images.

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