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Bevrijdingsdag or Liberation Day

Updated: May 6, 2022

Today is a red letter day. The 5th of May marks Liberation Day in the Netherlands. But what happened on that day ?

Let’s put it in context…

As you might now, the Second World War lasted until 1945. Fascism was spread accross most of the european countries such as France, Belgium or the Netherlands for instance.

So you might wonder : Why are we celebrating it on the 5th May ?

This date was not chosen randomly among others. It corresponds to the day when the fascism was defeated. Nowadays it is a public holiday in the country in order to remember those who lost their lives and fought for our freedom. As a consequence, many of the shops are closed. It is happening the next day after Dodenherdenking which is the national day of remembrance.

How do we celebrate ?

Many events are held around the country such as festivals with music and some of the veterans attend some parades. People hold parties and gatherings in order to celebrate freedom. In some houses and cafes people from the Dutch resistance will discuss their experience during World War II.

My French perspective

As a French who is living in Normandy i can say that :

"In France we are celebrating the end

of World War II on 8th May. However, there is another important day regarding this event which is unquestionably 6th June. On that day in 1944, the allies invaded Normandy with the aim to free Europe from fascism. Nowadays, commemorations are held around the region and all the important sites which marked history. There’s also festivals and reconstitutions with clothes from that period, vehicles…"

Let's celebrate freedom !!

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