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From Zagreb with Love: a story by Lunar, artist from SAMA

Lunar is one of the most recognised artists in SAMA's ample collection. Since the 1990s, the Croatian artist has rewritten the aesthetics of street art in the Balkans, offering a constant multidisciplinary effort ranging from urban intervention to graphic and digital work. His importance within the street art and graffiti movement is crucial, especially through his work in spreading and promoting this artistic practice. In fact, Lunar is one of the few rare old school graffiti writers willing to speak about the movement at academic conferences and events. As he himself says:

“The working discipline, creativity, and way to cope with obstacles in various countries where graffiti is not so regular as here, taught me some good lessons and increased both my creativity and... tempo. Meeting Rienke, Chaz and Zedz, in Amsterdam was an important moment in my life, both privately and in terms of [my] art career.”

The croatian artist formed part of our latest exhibition "Magic Dozen" in which he presented a series of previously unseen works that will soon be available in print form with the imminent publication of our catalogue. Meanwhile, the Croatian artist is about to publish his new book "From Zagreb with love", a story about his graffiti as an underground, global and multidisciplinary art movement of Eastern Europe.

As he

His collaboration in the SAMA collection is a source of great pride for us: it all started during the CreArt Encounter 2019 in Aveiro, Portugal and part of this adventure is recounted in the article "Street Art Museum of Amsterdam in orbit with Lunar" published in the first issue of the newborn Italian magazine Danceland (Feb-March 2021). Danceland deepens the link between the artist and the museum, impacting on the new immersive initiatives experimentad by SAMA over the past year. To find out more, you just have to await the publication of our "Magic Dozen" catalogue, in which you will find a detailed account of all the artists and works of art that have been part of it!

Here is the link to learn more about the magazine:

And here to read the issue dedicated to Lunar and SAMA:

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1 Comment

Spencer Warren
Spencer Warren
Oct 09, 2023

Thanks to this resource, my work gained recognition and received more attention than I expected. Blog was a huge help in helping me select the best images for my first project. This source provided exceptional visuals that made my project look better and more professional.

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