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Hello, I am Serena Milani!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Where are you from? What are you doing in Amsterdam?

I come from the North of Italy, in particular from a small village located in

Verona, that is called Pescantina. This village is situated in a land called Valpolicella, well known for its wine and beautiful landscapes, covered by vineyards.

I am an art student and, after the specialization in History of Art in Milan, I decided to change my life. I got out from my comfort zone, leaving also my sport career. Since I love travel and I want to improve myself, I started a master in Dublin on September 2022, related to Cultural Policy and Arts Management. Consequently, since I would increase my knowledge and experience in the arts and cultural field, I came to Street Art Museum Amsterdam, where I could apply my knowledge concretely. I would enhance my abilities and skills, in order to return in Italy with more experience and apply what I have learnt abroad.

Can you tell something about the place where you come from?

Pescantina is a small village and it is surrounded by vineyards. What I like about my village is the fact that is well located: you can reach the lake (Lake Garda), the mountains and the city center (Verona) in a very short time. Around Pescantina there are lots of other small villages in which people can go tasting the wine and visit the wine cellars. There are also lots of paths that people can do, surrounded by the nature.

Even though I have lived far from home since I was 18 years old, this is my special place.

What is your favourite activity/ the things you like to do during your free time?

I have lots of hobbies and I am very curious to try new things. But what I love the most to do during my free time, is walking in the nature, spending my time outdoor. I love also sport, in particular playing volleyball.

When I am in a new city, I try to discover it, going to the main attractions, visiting the most important museums and exhibitions, and walking around.

Moreover, I love watching films and tv shows and drinking wine with my boyfriend.

What fascinates you the most about the city? About Nieuw-West?

Since I arrived less than two weeks ago, I do not know the city very well. But, what I love the most about the city center are the typical and colourful houses, facing on the canals. I love see the bicycles and the flowers everywhere. And the fact that you can discover the city, walking everywhere, without be annoyed by the traffic.

Regarding the Nieuw-West, I live surrounded by the parks and the small rivers and lakes. When there is a good weather, I love walking through these parks and listening to the nature.

What is your relationship to street art? Art in general?

I love arts and I have been always interested in that. I love going to the art exhibitions and visit the historical museums around the world. Every time that I travel, I go always to the local museums.

This is the first time for me to work in the street art sector. What I can say until now, is that I like the way in which the messages are conveyed. SAMA has a collection of artworks that can be seen around the neighbourhood, painted on the walls, on the shutters and in every corner, also that ones more hidden and unimaginable. In this way, the painters want to convey a strong message to the society with their graffiti and street art works. And, above all, they aim to bring together the community through common values and principles, that are shown by their artworks.

What are your responsibilities at SAMA?

I will help working with the communication channels and within the marketing area, in order to improve the resonance of the museum on the web. In addition, I will participate to the events organized for the community, and I will help organizing SAMA workshops and participating in private and group tours.

Do you have a favourite artist in the SAMA collection?

My favourite artist in the SAMA collection is Btoy. She works mainly through

multilayered stencils, incorporating together photography and painting.

Mainly, she depicts portraits of women, famous celebrities, and iconic images, which show her abilities of bold use of lights and shadows.

What interests you most in the concept of SAMA?

What I like about SAMA is that, thanks to the artworks and its collection, it tries to connect people, create a network between all the people who live in the neighbourhood. Its main aim is to bring street art closer to the public, adorning and decorating the empty walls and every possible corner and space around the district.

Which artwork of the SAMA collection do you like the most?

I have two favourite artworks in the SAMA collection, for two different reasons. The first artwork that struck me is Memories, by Bastardilla. What I love the most of this mural, are the colours and their brilliance. They are sparkling in different ways in relation to the various ways the sun light strikes the mural.

The second mural that I like is Tolerance, by the

Argentinian street artist Alaniz, because of its meaning.

Alaniz believes that art should be designed in a form of dialogue, a conversation between the artist and the accidental public and also between the artist and the walls which will be painted. And this mural is characterized by a woman, whose crown contains all the people that helped to complete the mural.

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