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Hello, my name is Carlos Pereira !

I am Carlos PEREIRA and I am 27 years old, I live in Gagny, is a city next to Paris (25min). I was born in Lisbon in Portugal, but I live in France since I am 2 years old. I’m Cape-Verdean too. Cape Verde is an archipelago with Ten islands next to Senegal in Africa. It's was a Portuguese colony. People say I'm sociable because I integrate easily, and people say I'm also smiley person and always in a good mood.

Now I live in Amsterdam for 3 months with Erasmus Program but is not for students. I’m here to do a work experience with SAMA in Finance because I’m a management controller by profession. My project is to make an internship abroad to improve my English level and have a new international experience, because after this internship, I want work abroad. It’s a great opportunity for me this internship because a work in finance and work for a museum that is involved in its community and help people.

My favourite activity during my free time is travel, I like travel to see new landscape, to meet new people, to know new culture, eat new thing (I love eat). I visited only nine countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Cyprus…), I want to see more and more countries. I like thrill I do bungee jumping and parachute jump and amusement park. I do shopping and sports.

What most fascinates about Amsterdam is the bikes - it is crazy, I never saw as many bikes. I used everyday my car in France but here I became a cyclist. And the city very beautiful with the canals. People here are so nice, you can speak with everybody.

I live in inner city, so I always saw a street art on the building, and I always find this beautiful. The old building or inner city are revived by this form of art. I have always wondered how artists draw on large buildings. It takes a lot of talent to do that. I listen a lot of music mostly Rap (French, English, US), R&B, song from Cape-Verde, Afro, Soul…

I like street art I always take pictures when a see a street art, a city with street art is more beautiful. People can give free rein to their imagination. Street artists can express their emotions, denounce the system abuse and social injustices. They don’t have rules and can keep anonymity. The street art gets a message across, a feeling.

The European project STAR in collaboration with ALDA interests me the most, because 14 countries are involving promoting social inclusion, to foster intercultural dialogue and to reduce marginalisation of depressed districts. It is interesting because their problem is the same in all country. The objectives of STAR are very important like decrease stigmatisation of migrants and minority groups, promote opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and use street art as a tool for rehabilitation of depressed and abandoned areas. SAMA work hard to help people and I think is very important and nice.

My favourite artwork of SAMA collection is the artwork of Bastardilla because is impressive, beautiful, from the far away we think she has a jacket but when we come closer, we see isn’t a jacket but a lot of birds. I also have another favourite artwork “Smile" by Stinkfish which puts me in a good mood.

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