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Magic Dozen - Closing Statement

Due to the second wave of COVID-19, stricter rules and regulations have been implemented in the city of Amsterdam. We remain conscious of the health of our staff and visitors during these uncertain times, which is why with a heavy heart we are announcing the cancelation of the Finissage of our show - ‘’Magic Dozen’’ - Street Art in Amsterdam Nieuw-West - which was scheduled on Sunday, 30 August 2020.

Even though we won’t be able to come together and enjoy it as a group, we want to remind everyone that the exhibition is still up and running this week and is available to view, with safe distance, until Saturday, August 29th - by appointment only!

Despite this change, we are happy to announce some very exciting news!!! We are currently in the works of designing our first catalogue, representing this show that will soon be available to viewers and art fans around the world!

This catalogue is an experience all in itself. The viewer will not only be able to read a more detailed description of the art works, see some of the process and ‘making-of’s of these pieces. You will also find statements from the artists themselves regarding their experiences as well as a thoughtful reflection of the project by the founder of SAMA, Anna Stolyarova. The readers will be able to view photographs we've hand picked from our archives, as well as find QR codes which will send you to a page containing more in depth information about the show, its history and its artists. This new catalogue will become your own personal tour guide through SAMA's main collection during these times of social distancing.

The collective efforts that went into this catalogue is a valorisation of all of our work and care that we have put towards the exhibition. It commemorates the research, the time spent, and talent from both the represented artists and staff from SAMA combined. While highlighting Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West urban community and neighbourhood and putting it on the map, it gives this exhibition the eternal life it deserves.

Keep tuned to know more about this exciting project!

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