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Research – A new collaboration in Nieuw-West

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA), the Van Eesteren Museum and the Amsterdam Museum are three museums that provide cultural programming in the Nieuw-West district of Amsterdam. SAMA proposes to research a sustainable collaboration to strengthen this cultural offering in the district by working together programmatically, organisationally, and educationally. This research programme is part of SAMA’s professional development as an organisation, to help secure its continuity.

Street Art Museum Amsterdam

SAMA is a grassroot urban art museum born out of the need for a broader cultural offering in the neighbourhoods ‘Slotermeer’ and ‘Geuzenveld’ situated in the Nieuw-West district. Since 2012 the foundation pioneers with initiating and creating art in public space, actively involving residents in the creation of art, activating local youth and elementary school students in art practice through workshops, and entering into connections with local parties (housing associations, local culture makers.) The delivered social and cultural impact on the neighbourhood, the built-up network and the growing local and (inter)national reputation makes that SAMA needs to take the next step in the development of the organisation.

Van Eesteren Museum Amsterdam

SAMA is a cultural not-for-profit foundation that depends on project assignments and project fundings, without structural financial support. SAMA works with a flexible project organisation with freelance and ZZP employees, supported with temporary interns and volunteers. Since November, a part-time Collection Manager has been temporarily appointed, thanks to a grant scheme from the Mondriaan Fund.

To ensure the continued existence of SAMA and to utilise its potential, it is important to secure the existing knowledge and network and to enter into cooperation with other heritage institutions. The neighbouring Van Eesteren Museum and the proven Amsterdam Museum would be logical partners for SAMA. The Van Eesteren Museum focuses on local architecture and city design and the Amsterdam Museum focuses on the entire cultural history and heritage of the city Amsterdam. All three museums aim to increase the cultural offerings in New West. And all three museums intend to be of lasting significance to the neighbourhoods.

Amsterdam Museum

Research programme

SAMA is happy to announce that the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) has granted SAMA funding to explore a sustainable collaboration with the Van Eesteren Museum and the Amsterdam Museum. The funded research programme is aimed at the professional development of the Street Art Museum Amsterdam located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. By entering into a sustainable collaboration with the other heritage institutions, SAMA aims to be able to take steps towards in professionalisation. We will explore our collaboration using co-creation and developing a public activity as a pilot. We also carry out a best practices research in collaborative museum models, and an impact and market analysis on the collaborative programming. The results will be shared in a presentation for local stakeholders and residents. The proposed outcome of the research program is a business plan to establish the collaboration between the three museums in Niew-West.

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