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SAMA lecture for RBS „Street Art Community: branding & marketing“


"Dear Anna & Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA),

I’m Jinnie, a Master’s student in Rotterdam Business school. As a group of 5 members, we are currently collaborating with Rotterdam Street Art Museum to improve their product and brand awareness identity.

Learning that you and SAMA have successfully established the street art community in the Netherlands since 2015. We are excited to have the opportunity to invite you as a guest speaker in our school workshop to inspire our students about the topic "Street Art Community." We will be grateful for the opportunity to hear about your experiences and opinions about street art brand identity."


Anna Stolyarova was invited to be a guest speaker at a school workshop at the Rotterdam Business School to inspire students about the topic „Street Art Community: branding & marketing“ and to share her experience and knowledge about street art brand identity. The presentation was held outside the school at Grounds Campus in Rotterdam. This building was chosen as the location of this workshop because it is located near the Rotterdam Street Art Museum. The leture should start at 11pm, but Anna made a few bad decisions that morning, one of them was getting on the wrong train so she arrived a little late. One of the students, Jinnie, waited for her outside. When Anna arrived, Jinnie greeted her with great excitement, very much looking forward to meeting her. Anna started the presentation with enthusiasm right away for the audience consisted of +/- 30 curious students. The presentation was followed by a discussion, where they had the opportunity to ask Anna questions about topics that interested them. Some students, together with the project supervisor, sent us their observations from the lecture, which captured the spirit and positive result of the entire presentation.

The purpose to invite SAMA to give a workshop to RBS was to see how SAMA created an identity of being an open air museum over the years. We saw SAMA as a best practice since it was the first open air street art museum in the Netherlands with great experience and learnings. Since our group is currently working on creating an identity for the RSAM, the presentation was both insightful and helpful for the future course of our project.
Luis Petersen - RBS’s Student - Group Leader of Rotterdam Street Art Project
It was an inspiring session shared by Anna, Her stories provided us understanding that in any life endeavors it is central to stick with your vision, identity and community shared values.
Ricardo Navas - Principal Lecturer - Project’s Supervisor
The presentation was very interesting; it was a contrast to a lot of other presentations that day due to the speaker and her enthusiasm on the subject. She inspired us to think differently about art, the movement and the role governments play in it. I appreciated her positive view on ‘going against the system’ and thereby bringing out one’s own identity. I think she’s an amazing storyteller. With that in mind I would look at what material to use as a presentation to best add on to the story.
Maurits Euving - RBS’s Student

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