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The best in Nieuw-West - Street Art Museum Amsterdam and more. We are OPEN!

We are OPEN! As of 1 June 2020, Street Art Museum Amsterdam and its team welcomes you back! Our Street Art Collection is unique and located on the spacious streets of Amsterdam Nieuw-West. We care about your experiences and aim to make them as pleasurable and exciting as possible. We take safety and health of our visitors and staff seriously. Thankfully, our Street Art is organically intertwined with its immediate urban environment and allows us to adapt to the "New Normal" and provide space for everyone at a safe distance.

We are offering the following services:

  • Do It Yourself - The most recommended option is to obtain a DIGITAL MAP on our website that can guide your independent exploration of street art route.

  • Family Culture Walk - We also re-open private tours, admitting a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 people per “family”, GUIDED BY SAMA EXPERT.

  • Paint it like Banksy Experience - we are also offering PRIVATE FAMILY WORKSHOP, where kids and parents in an informal setting can broaden their perceptions of street art and its techniques.

  • Unfortunately, GROUP TOURS will not be available until further notice.

Street Art Museum Amsterdam is the only museum in the city with an open-air street art collection, located on the streets of the district of Nieuw-West. Amsterdam Nieuw-West is conveniently located away from the well know busy parks of the city. District of Nieuw-West is famous for its unique landscape, legacy of an architect and urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren and was built by the principles of "licht, lucht en ruimte” / “light, airy and spacious”.

SAMA's collection is spread over 3 km of spacious avenues surrounded by green pockets of wonder. As mentioned in the book "111 places for children in Amsterdam, which you must see" (111 plekken voor kinderen in Amsterdam die je gezien moet hebben), released in 2020, one can also visit the children's green farm and water park of "De Natureluur," Sloterplas beach, and enjoy a toastie or an ice-cream on the airy terrace of the Hotel Buiten. En route the artworks there are numerous playgrounds and rest-places to have a great or get a drink, such as Gerbrandypark, Speelpark Confucius or Nouri-Plein. And do not forget, the cultural terrace of exotic Bohemian Cantina of Het Rijk van de Keizer or a mysterious broedpldats De 1800 Roeden where nature, food and art come together in harmony. And, if you still have some energy left, you can cycle further down to the Tuinen van West and its fruit farms.

SAMA's collection is part of the diverse and complex social texture of Amsterdam Nieuw-West, its culture and its heritage. Street Art is a tool for the museum to facilitate social dialogue. Our Street art collection tells hidden stories of the neighbourhood and its residents, as well history of evolution of graffiti into an acceptable social form of street art.

“What a moving experience to see all this just before the lockdown.  We all hope the artists, their works and Anna and her colleagues at SAMA emerge unscathed by covid-19 and with hope for the future. We will be back next year.”

Dr D.C. Bellingham, Programme Director, Sotheby's Institute of Art, London

SAMA has won numerous accolades:

Paloma Picasso, Marcel Wanders Bureau, Agnes B, James Daichendt, ICOM, CAMOC, Sotheby's Business Art School, Leiden University, the Reinwardt Academy, UvA School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture, Utrecht University, Den Haag University, HvA, Creative University Surrey, the CoBrA Museum, Imagine IC, Museu de Aveiro, Amsterdam Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Keth Haring Foundaiton, Avicenna Academy for Leadership, National Railway Museum York, EU Network of Cities for Artistic Creation (CreArt), ALDA European Association for Local Democracy, the New York Times, Hart van Nederland, Het Parool, Volkskrant, NRC, Taiwan Business Weekly, The Guardian, IVKO, Media College, Caland Technasium to name a few.

Safety note:

In all our activities, we follow safety and hygiene protocol provided by the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), keeping the 1.5-meter distance and supply our staff with masks and sanitisers. If you do not feel well and cannot visit our museum, we invite you to check our social media and enjoy our online content, while staying safe at home.

What else? For any further information, please contact Anne Boermans, Managing Director of the SAMA at:

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