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When Street Art meets workshop for Kids

Street art Museum of Amsterdam at 30/10/18 hosted a high school from Utrecht to attend a tour and a workshop in our museum. The program was separated in two parts, the first was the tour at the neighborhood of Slotermeer (Nieuw West) of Amsterdam. The children toured through the murals and discovered the “hidden” street art collection of our gallery with the guidance of our tour guide. After the tour the children had the opportunity to participate in a workshop, to learn the techniques of a stencil, to make their own stencils using their imagination and at the last part to make a group artwork with spay cants like a real street art artist. In that way the group lived a complete experience of what is street art in a theoretical level and how can you real learn to make street art on your own!

We are glad, that we have been hosted by New Metropolis for our workshop. New Metropolis is locate in Slotermeer is a unique cultural organization and has grown to be an independent platform for and by the city of Amsterdam and its habitants. We really enjoyed their hospitality in very cozy and modern place unique for our art workshop. We are also happy because the one of the teacher school stays in the area and she find us, searched about us and finally school and street art museum of Amsterdam shared one unique experience!

We are really satisfied when young people look enthusiasm about our philosophy and our approach to Street Art. Through SAMA young people can learn about our collection but the most important for us is that they are able to develop their artistic skills (Do it like Banksy), the love for the art, the value of the urban art and how someone can interact through it.

So why don’t you come to take a glimpse of our gallery and to have an alternative experience?



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