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Handing her the mic: past, present and future of Gulf women

This Thursday, Street Art Museum Amsterdam has the unique opportunity to become further acquainted with the issues faced by our largely Muslim immigrant community, thus informing the community engagement and social initiatives of the museum.

Five women from Gulf states will gather in Den Haag to reflect on societal changes and the shifting role of women in their region. Though each of these women come from a different discipline, they share a similar cultural upbringing. Therefore, from their expertise in the disciplines of politics, education, business, law, and the cultural sector, they will each share their view on both the past and future of women and female professionals in Gulf states. The panel, which will be moderated by Middle East and Gender expert Dr. Annemarie van Geel, will feature leading female experts from Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arabic Emirates, and Saudi Arabia who will reflect upon the most important changes in the past decades, up until the present day. Drawing from their own personal experience, as well as their respective disciplines.

Many thanks to the Middle East and North Africa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for organizing this event. About the speakers

  • Fatemah al-Bader, assistant-professor in the Department of International Law, at the Kuwait International Law School in Kuwait. She has published research on topics such as citizenship and gender, technology and human rights.

  • Hind Alansari, PhD candidate at the university of Cambridge, on the subject of education and the effect educational reform on society and culture.

  • Raya Abu Gulal, corporate lawyer currently based in the UAE. She founded the Women Lawyers Group-Middle East and is board member of the International Women Business Group Abu Dhab.

  • Frauke Heard-Bey, historian and political scientist, based in the UAE. She has studied social and political developments in the Gulf region over the past five decades.

  • Fatima al-Banawi, actor and social artist, based in Jeddah.

  • Saudi Arabia. Al-Banawi gained international recognition for her role in Barakah meets Barakah and is founder of the The Other Story Project.

Street Art Museum Amsterdam will also be engaged in this, having been invited to create the live painting session related to themes of feminism and change within the Gulf area. With these core values, we chose to match Saudi Arabian street artist Noura Bint Saiden with Spanish street artist (and Banksy favourite) Btoy for this live painting session - two artists whose art is centered on the empowerment of women. Noura Bint Saidan is one of the first female street artists to emerge within Saudi Arabia whose technique incorporates freehand paintings with calligraffiti. Btoy represents an entirely different style, in which a series of intricate stencils are utilized to create a multi-layered image. Though these women come from vastly oppositional backgrounds and techniques, they are united in their connection to female empowerment through the medium of street art and having completed projects both within Spain and the Middle East.

SAMA is delighted to partake in this event, which not only demonstrates the transcendental nature of street art as a unifying global movement, but also further illustrates our commitment to academia and public discourse.

The event is free, but it is advised to make a reservation. More more information and tickets:

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