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Asphalt Art - The Basket of VU

What started as a question e-mail in April, ended up as a glittering new Basketball floor by the end of August 2022:

For the VU Bachelor Introduction days this summer, we would love to get an artwork on the basketball field in the VU square in the middle in between the different buildings. An art work that represents the new chapter for the new students and something colorful. I saw your website and love the street art from your collection. I was wondering if you know any artist who can paint the floor, because the art work on the basketball field cannot be permanent unfortunately

The ephemeral nature of street art allows for relatively low costs of production and smart techniques of being economical with the paint. In addition, it can no doubt create a fresh and appealing urban look.

Owing to limited budget and short lead times for making the artwork, SAMA and VU professors agreed on the contemporary colour scheme, working with local artist and recycling some of SAMA left-over materials from other projects.

Keys-Art and Irina Ermolaeva worked together to develop a vibrant abstract artworks that please all - from teachers to students alike.

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Little Steve
Little Steve
a day ago

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