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I am Serena Milani, a student who spent two months at SAMA. Thanks to my master, in Cultural Policy and Arts Management, which I started in Dublin (in September 2022), I had the possibility to do an internship in another country. For this reason, I chose SAMA, which gave me the possibility to apply my knowledge and learn many new things.

Before joining the SAMA team, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Management of Cultural Tourism, in Padua, and my Master’s Degree in History of Art, in Milan. Then, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and I studied abroad, going before to Ireland and after to The Netherlands.

Activities carried out and observations

Before starting the internship at SAMA, I did not expect to have the chance to participate actively in so many amazing projects and workshops organised for the community. I can affirm that, thanks to the many tasks and thanks to the exciting responsabilities, I improved my skills and I broadened my horizons.

This was the first time for me dealing with street art, and it has been really interesting to learn how an eco-museum works and how street art can be used as a tool to involve the community.

My tasks were mainly related to the creation of contents on social media (e.g. Instagram) posting the entire collection of the museum. Meanwhile, I updated the Blomberg Connects app and I wrote some articles for SAMA blog. I also participated to the organisation of the workshops, which took place from April to June, and I participate to EU projects’ coordination.

At the end of my experience, I had the fabulous opportunity to go to Brussels, representing SAMA, in occasion of the General Assembly and the Knowledge Fair, organised by ALDA.

What I really enjoyed

I really enjoyed take actively part to all the activities organised by SAMA, such as EU projects, the meetings with other museums and the workshops. I loved see how SAMA involves the community through street art, in order to engage with people and create a stronger society. It was also interesting see how the projects are organised and the “behind the scenes” of an eco-museum’s management.

Challenges faced

The major challenge that I faced was understand how an outside collection is managed and how much it is significant for the society.

Since SAMA is an eco-museum, with an outside and ephemeral street art collection, I needed to re-oriented myself to a different idea of museum, which is not the traditional one.

A toast

I wish SAMA to achieve its projects and objectives, continuing to spread its energy, determination and values, creating an even bigger community.

SAMA had lots of faith in me and

I am grateful to Anna for this really great experience.

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Rader Phynalist
Rader Phynalist
14 hours ago

The challenge I encountered was comprehending the significance of an external collection in amanda the adventurer

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